Canberra Bordello

Looking for a Canberra Bordello?

Tiffany’s Palace is the classiest and only 5 star Canberra Bordello, having been open for 10 years now we have a 1st rate reputation in the area. Are you visiting our city for the first time? out on the town for the night or just looking for a good time? Well then Tiffany’s Palace is the place for you!

one of the lovely ladies at our Canberra Bordello

When you arrive at our Canberra Bordello, our receptionists will ensure you feel comfortable in one of our many private lounges. You will have the pleasure of being introduced to many ladies as we pride ourselves on having a large selection of both international and local girls.

our girls are all perfectly groomed and specialists in the art of making you feel comfortable and relaxed. Tiffany’s palace maintains a high standard, hiring only the ladies that will make your experience truly enjoyable. They aim to keep you pleased and wanting more.

Why Tiffany’s?
Our luxury bordello in Canberra has been made to create the most enjoyable experience you can imagine. Tiffany’s Palace look and feel sets the mood which is seductive & intimate. The moment you enter, you’ll realise we are top class, from the lush fittings and fine surroundings to the magnificent ladies and friendly staff.

Come and see for yourself why our clients always come back… Because at Tiffany’s Palace, the client comes first!

Want to find out more about the beauties at Tiffany’s Palace? We have bio’s and pictures of our staff here. For more info, please feel free to call us on 02 6280 6007 or send us an email using our contact form!

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Tiffany's is currently closed. We're under construction and new management for our reopening in April. Stay tuned for more!